UTZO: We do much more than just “screen” our service professionals!

Utzo - Plumbing Services

Plumbing emergencies or general plumbing repairs are a fact of life for any home or business.

If you are anything like me, then you are wary of who comes into your home. With the number of wild things that we see in the news, it is scary having a stranger come into your home to provide a service when something like your water heater breaks or your pipes are backed up.

Whenever you are searching for a professional it is hard to guarantee that they are licensed, insured, bonded, or even screened. There are some apps that only use licensed individuals, but they do not provide you a means of checking the license yourself or even see their insurance.

You literally never know what you are getting even if you try to do your own research!

With UTZO you know beforehand that every service professional you come across has been screened, is licensed & insured, a background check has been performed, and you can see their reviews before you contact them.

UTZO is here to give you the peace of mind and help alleviate some of the stress in helping you find the exact service professional that fits your criteria and will meet your needs. Only insured service professionals are displayed on the Utzo network with full insurance and license details available to be viewed. All service professionals are statewide background checked and screened with yearly follow up. You know exactly who you are getting so you can be put at ease.

With all of this available, why continue to be worried and add to the stress of your repairs? You no longer have to let someone into your home that you are unsure about.

Download our app and give UTZO a try today!