Know where your plumber is before you contact them!

On-Demand Home Improvement Services!

UTZO is a state of the art platform that connects homeowners to service professionals instantly. Imagine having an emergency and needing to locate a service pro ASAP, but your only option is combing through dozens of options that you aren’t sure can help you or not.

It can be easy to find a plumber, auto repair specialist, caretaker, moving company, etc… What makes it challenging is the fact we all have different needs when it comes to our specific projects or repairs. Not all mechanics are capable of repairing every vehicle and not every plumber is ready to replace your water heater, for example.

On-Demand Home Improvement Services

UTZO pre-screens every service professional on our network. You will know before you reach out to them if they are capable of helping you with your specific need or repair. You don’t have to waste time leaving voice mails or sending emails to confirm if they’re capable of working on your job.

Prior to any service pro joining UTZO, we interview each service pro to make sure they are already licensed, insured and bonded. We work with them to determine which services they offer and we pre-select these services in the app so you don’t have to wonder if they’re capable of helping you.

With UTZO, you simply select a service pro, view their qualifications, message them through the app and book them for service. UTZO is the easiest, fastest and best way to connect to a local service pro in your area who is available to help you now. You can even see the previous projects they’ve worked on and read their reviews through UTZO.

On-Demand Home Improvement Services

Other websites or apps offer service professional but they do not pre-screen them or give you the opportunity to message them directly through the app before calling or emailing them.

With UTZO everybody wins!