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With UTZO you only pay for a lead once you accept it and then You’re the only one who is going to that service location.

  • Stop Wasting Money On Home Advisor
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What It's Like Being on UTZO

UTZO was founded by service professionals so we know the lifestyle and built UTZO to let you focus more of your time on completing projects and making a profit.

UTZO has the tools professionals need to make their customer experience easier. Automatic notifications, scheduling, GPS and route tracking, chat, photos of projects, great details on work and so much more.

$300 Credit for Utzo Plumbing Leads

How You Benefit

UTZO for Pros has great benefits for your business:

Fees Based on Service Acceptance

Other lead generation companies charge every service professional who receives each of their leads, but not us. With UTZO, you only pay when you accept the verified local leads that match your service offerings.

Match With Verified Local Leads

Get VERIFIED, LOCAL leads in your service area! Customers that use UTZO are ready to do business. UTZO only charges you when the system generates a new lead. It's that simple!

Get Matched with the Right Jobs

UTZO eliminates confusion and inconsistencies when matching customer jobs to the appropriate service professionals and service companies. Each job lead is aligned with the services, skills and abilities that you and your company provide.

Set Your Service Schedule

UTZO allows you to set the schedule for your services. You have full control over your service schedule and when you are available. Service hours change? No problem. Use the app or website to update your new service schedule and begin receiving leads based on that new schedule.

Local Preference for Leads

Service professionals can receive leads anywhere and anytime in real time, whether they are at their location or on the road. As long as they are locally based within the radius of the customer service location, they will get preferential access to home improvement and maintenance jobs. The UTZO app will even confirm the location in order to ensure that customers are getting service providers that are nearby.

Accurate and Honest Rating System

Don't be spammed by unjust negative reviews from competitors with a grudge or from anyone who's not you're customer. UTZO provides a platform so that only customers who do business with you can provide ratings. This helps protect your reputation and hard work that you invest in your business.

Powerful, Real Time Project Scheduling

Schedule your service when both you and your customer are available, in real time. Need to reschedule? Also done in real time, and will be accomplished when both sides accept the available time options during the process.

Be Your Own Boss

Are you busy and not accepting new jobs at the moment? Don't work nights or on Sunday? You can choose to turn off acceptance of new leads, and then turn them back on when you're ready. Be your own boss!

Dispute Resolution System

Disagreement with a customer? UTZO has a professional dispute resolution system to help homeowners and pros find middle ground when there’s a dispute raised.

Effective Communications with Customers

UTZO delivers powerful communication options. Both you and the customer can invite additional parts to chat about the project. This enables you to get all the necessary information to do your job. Dealing with a landlord and tenant? Husband and wife? You and your 2nd truck? No problem! UTZO can help you handle those situations. Customers can also upload pictures and videos of their project so that you can get a better idea of what they need. Never go into a job unprepared again!

Screened Professionals

We keep you, the homeowners and UTZO operations safe by only displaying licensed, insured and background screened service professionals. Customers trust the pros they find on UTZO!

Save on Operational Costs

By connecting with homeowners near to where you're already working, and with Dispatch Genius, you'll save on operational costs as well. Save on fuel, advertisements, vehicle wear and tear, and labor by increasing efficiency through UTZO. Eliminate the need to drive long miles, avoid traffic frustration and vehicle repair costs, and save driving time.

Learn how UTZO solutions help service professionals better then any other solution in the market.

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Receive Leads Whenever Your Schedule Permits

UTZO allows service professionals or service companies the ability to create their own schedule as they see fit. In other words, they can make themselves available for scheduling anywhere and anytime and they have full control of that process on the UTZO app and website. If you choose to go off-line, UTZO won’t send you any leads and vice versa when you choose to take leads by clicking, “Go On-Line”.

Dispatch Genius System

This is a system created by UTZO that lets the service company to have full control and access of the UTZO Dispatch Genius, which is the powerful dispatch engine we use on our app and website. This system makes it possible for service companies to receive leads, be able to dispatch service professionals closest to customer needs, locate service trucks using GPS and maps, project work history, and more. Using Dispatch Genius dispatchers can locate the nearest service pro to the customer and dispatch them in real-time.

Complimentary GPS Tracking Services

Service companies usually pay thousands of dollars for GPS tracking services. However, UTZO provides the same service at no cost and it enables service companies to track the location of their service trucks, without having to worry about paying extra for this simple and necessary operational task.

Real Time Monitoring of Service Truck Movement

The UTZO Dispatch Genius system enables the service companies to track the moving status of each service truck while it’s heading to the customer location. This system lets the service companies to view the route line of their moving service trucks in real time. It also allows them to view the distance that the service trucks have left to cover in real time as well.

Service Companies Cut Booking and Dispatch Costs

The UTZO Dispatch System’s Lead Notification features combined with ONE CLICK DISPATCH technologies allow you to reduce your operational costs getting your pros on-site to matched, well qualified homeowners. UTZO eliminates the cost of booking calls. Homeowner requests automatically go to the company dashboard and pro APP for easy assignment. UTZO makes it easy to dispatch leads as they roll in - it’s a great system!

UTZO Lead Quality

We don’t just give you contact information and a general idea of needs. We deliver a full service request with optional photos, videos, customer descriptions and a live customer on the other end of the service request

UTZO Delivers the Best Project Details

The better the detail you have the better your quote and profit margin can be.

UTZO leads have details such as photos, videos, descriptions, exact location, and distance

UTZO helps you make smart business decisions and improve the quality of the jobs you select.

Lets the homeowner get notified when there is a service professional nearby that they are looking for. If a homeowner is looking for a plumber, for example, Proximity Alert tells them when one is close by.

This is a great way for homeowners to reach out to connect with the service professional using UTZO’s innovative solutions.

Homeowners can also setup a proximity alert to only go off on certain times or days to match the availability of the homeowner.

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