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Need a drain or water heater fixed? The living room cleaned? A car towed or repaired? Caregiving for a loved one? Emergency plumbing or gas-related services?
General home improvement tasks completed?

With UTZO, doing any—or all of this, and much more, is accomplished quickly, reliably, and easily.

Just as easily as you get a ride-share or food delivery with a single click on your smartphone, UTZO does the same exact thing, except for home improvement and service jobs.

A Message from our CEO

Founded by dedicated service professionals who boast a wide background of expertise and knowledge, have years of experience in various specializations, and know that not all handymen are suited for every job, UTZO is a robust and proprietary digital platform that connects homeowners and screened service professionals together on demand and in real time.

our vision

Our Vision

To always connect homeowners with the best-screened and reliable contractors at all times. Home is a big investment and we built UTZO to help protect it.

Our Mission

To generate full-proof success in finding and connecting vetted pros, anywhere, and in real time under a MINUTE

our mission

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