Plumbers benefit from signing up with UTZO

Plumbers benefit from signing up with UTZO!

There are so many different options for plumbers and service professionals when it comes to growing your business online. It can be really confusing to determine where you should invest your advertising budget.

Some of the options include pay-per-click advertising, placements on websites like Yelp, Angie’s List, Home Advisor, etc…and even sending off mailers to attract potential clients.

Some of the major issues with these options are targeting the right location, having the specific skill set needed to complete the job or wasting most of your budget on “impressions” and “clicks” but not getting any phone calls.

UTZO helps eliminate those frustrations and makes it easy to connect with new clients through the UTZO app.

With UTZO service professionals and service companies do not have to spend thousands of dollars advertising in cities where they want the business. Once a service professional is in that city they will get connected to the customer looking for related services in that same city. This saves you time and money and keeps the client happy because they’re only connecting with qualified, screened professionals.

UTZO only connects you to clients who have selected a service that you offer!

Plumbers and other service professionals are only connected to a client once the client selects a service they offer and decides to message you. You know longer have to answer questions or take phone calls from clients you are not able to help.

You no longer have to pay for leads that you can’t help!

Since UTZO prescreens every service professional, there is no wasted time or energy communicating with people you aren’t able to service. You’re also avoiding being charged for clients that you can’t help.

Create your own schedule!

UTZO service professionals or service companies the ability to create their own schedule anywhere at any time. Just by one click, you can go offline and UTZO won’t send leads to you. When you are ready to take leads just click “Go On-Line” and UTZO will send you leads.

Plumbers benefit from signing up with UTZO!

With UTZO you only pay for a lead once you accept it and then you’re the only one who is going to that service location.

Everyone wins with UTZO!