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It all started with a plumbing emergency when Mr and Mrs Thomas had a toilet flooded which resulted in worse water damage and after making plenty of phone calls only one plumber agreed to come and fix the problem, but the plumber never showed up and did not even responded to Mr and Mrs Thomas phone calls. Many other families suffered with even worse situations. As a solution UTZO was born with the idea to create a platform where residents can first see the nearest sercice provider before requesting nearest available, local, licensed, back ground checked, insured service professionals.

With few clicks customers can select any service and can see the en route status of service professionals. We proudly made the system better then yellow pages, classified sites and other applications around. We are reshaping life style by creating ease for both customer and service professionals when it comes to request for a service. It dosent matter you are looking for a Plumber for a dripping faucet, Roofer for a leaking roof, Electrician for a fan not working or a Landscaper for the sprinklers not working. Now its not hard any more in this Information Technology world where we have applications to get any thing in minutes

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