UTZO is the easiest and fastest way to connect to a service pro

UTZO is the easiest and fastest way to connect to a service pro!

We all have been in a situation where somebody you know, be it a relative, coworker, or a roommate, needs help getting a job done or finding somebody to do a job. Whether it’s plumbing, a contractor, or clean up, taking on this task is always a burden even if you really want to help! For example, let’s say your parents have their drains clogged at their house and they ask you to help them with it. Of course, you are going to help because they are your parents, but you know that it is going to be a long tedious task! First, you have to find the exact issue, is it a sink and if so which one? Is it a toilet, again if so which one? Then you have to find somebody suitable for the job and at the price that you think is reasonable.

Once you find a provider, you have to put them in contact with your parents. From here it gets tricky, do you call them yourself and have them call your parents or do you have your parents call them? Either way, you are playing a game of getting updates either from your parents or from the service provider, by calling each one individually. You have to get updates for when they are coming, how long it will take, if the estimates match up, or if they will be there on time, etc. This can be extremely tiresome!

Unless you have UTZO! We provide you the ability to not only make it easy finding a plumber, but also keeping everybody on the same page! How do we do this? It’s really quite simple, all you need is our app. Once you open it, you will be able to find plumbers in your area, or in this case, use an address and find plumbers near there. Our app will show you who is in the area (including their reviews, photo, insurance, background check, and any other information you may need), get estimates directly for each plumber, and schedule the appointment directly.

UTZO is the easiest and fastest way to connect to a service pro!

It also gives you the ability to track where they are, when they will be there, send photos of the problem, and add people to the conversation so everybody stays updated. Anybody that you add will also have the ability to send photos, track, and talk directly to the plumber too! Download our app and give UTZO a try today!