UTZO was designed by service professionals!

In a perfect world, everything would be done the correct way and there would be no complaints! Realistically, that would never happen. There will be bad service calls and bad support for customer service. Have you ever received bad service and try to talk to somebody about it only to find no support or have that service professional disappear? There are also companies that will only back their employees without giving you the time of day. When it is all said and done, you are left with bad service, a company that doesn’t care about your complaint, and an issue that you still have to fix with no compensation for your time already spent.

UTZO is here to help even if the service that was provided ends up failing standards. We provide support to all of our customers to ensure that all services are done properly, and if they are not we make sure to provide a resolution so you are not left without a fix. If a service is provided and for any reason, you do not find it outstanding, please let us know! We allow you to open a dispute on any of our platforms making it easy to have your voice heard! You can contact us on the app, calling our service department, or even contact us through our website. We want to make sure we are here to support and compensate you in the best way possible. Give us a try and download our app today!