UTZO: Connect with a Service Professional in Real-Time!

UTZO was designed to allow you to seamlessly locate, communicate with and schedule local service professionals in real-time. You no longer have to wait for an email or call back when you need a repair or have an emergency.

schedule local service professionals

UTZO stands out from other apps or services because you can locate, communicate with, create group chats with other family members or service professionals, and select and choose your service professional based on their availability in real-time!

UTZO is the only application that allows you, your service professional and your service company to create groups for seamless communication.

Emergency situations call for an immediate response and UTZO is the only choice when you need a licensed, insured, bonded professional immediately.

In addition to making it easier to locate, communicate with and book a service professional, UTZO allows you to see which service professional has the exact skill set that you need to fix your problem.

Not all plumbers and not all plumbing emergencies are the same. Fixing a plumbing leak is a substantially different job then replacing a sump tank, for example. You can view your service professionals the exact skills and areas of expertise before you contact them in order to save you time and hassle.

You can select which service you need and find the service pro right for your exact job.

UTZO works with plumbers and other service professionals who have been screened to ensure they are already licensed, insured and available. You no longer have to play the guessing game and wonder about their credentials.

Use UTZO today when you need any of the following services for your home or business: