Track your project in REAL-TIME using UTZO!

Track your project in REAL-TIME using UTZO!

Track your project in REAL-TIME using UTZO – One of the things that people hate most about finding a plumber or any kind of service professional is scheduling an appointment! After you have done your research and found the plumber that you would like, you call their dispatch and are given a time frame (because it is never an exact time!), and you never hear from them again until they show up (if they show up!). Also, up to that point you have not spoken to the actual person who is going to provide the service so you do not know who or what you are getting.

What if something comes up? You have to call their dispatch again, and they have to try to get in contact with their professional to let them know what is going on. There are so many hoops to jump through just to make a simple change!

Track your project in REAL-TIME using UTZO

UTZO will remove all the need for the hoops and the middlemen. You can do your research directly on the app, find the right plumber for you, and contact them directly! No more having to contact a dispatcher and wait to see if they reach out to their service provider and wondering if they received your message! If something comes up, you have the ability to contact the plumber directly in real time and either reschedule or add someone else to the conversation that they will meet with instead. Here at UTZO we are doing all we can to alleviate the stress of having emergency services done in your already hectic life. Give us a try today, download our app!

Download UTZO app today so you are prepared when you have a plumbing emergency. Don’t get caught without the right solution.