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$50 credit towards any drain clear work

6 Month Limited Warranty

Limited time offer. Claim today! It’s like cash in your wallet


Jul 31 2024


  • Claim the service credit in UTZO app or web.

  • If you have UTZO account you can log in or sign up if you are new to UTZO.

  • Once claimed the service credit will appear under “Gifts”. In the left menu of UTZO app and web.

  • After claiming the service credit will be available in the “Gifts” menu until it’s expired or the credit deal is available.

  • You can proceed to check out with service credit by clicking on “check out” from gifts menu or you can redeem the service credit at the time of check out once the service professional will process the payment after the service is performed.

Frequently asked questions

No purchase is required to claim the service credit.

It depends on the type of service credit. Some do have an expiry date and some stay available in your account until used. You must use the service credit before they expire.

In UTZO app or web one offer can’t be combined with any other offer. You can pick the offer that’s most valuable to you for the work being done and can save the other offer for other service repairs. Every offer has its terms of usage.

Very simple, one way is to tap on “check out” under the gifts menu of the UTZO app or web this will take you to credit-related service. From there just pick any service and complete the remaining process until it’s checked out. The service credit will be credited in the check out process. The other way is to pick the required service from the main dashboard of UTZO app or web and complete all steps. Once the service is requested you can add the service credit within the open or ongoing job. Then the service credit can be used at the time of check out.

Once you check out from “gifts” menu or from “jobs menu” in the UTZO app or web the service professional will get instant notification about the credit. Once service professional processes the payment the service credit will be added in the gross amount before processing payment.

Other ConditionsOffer Available - 24/ 7/ 365

Terms & Conditions

To cash the service credit the service must be completed in UTZO app or web. Only one service credit can be applied per service during check out. The service credit is not transferable or can’t be sold or gifted to others. The service credit can’t be combined with any other offer or deal. The service credit can’t be used once expired. Service credit claimed in one UTZO account can’t be used in any other UTZO account. Most of service credits have a validity of 30 days, but some never expire and stay in account until used. The service credit can’t be applied to tips. The service credit is only applicable on labor deducting any parts or material used. This offer and terms are subject to change any time.

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